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The District Hospital in Leh now has a trained Clinical Psychologist on staff. We've hired a Child Psychologist to work with her. Dr. Iqbal will be back at the hospital one week per month. The Integrated Counseling and Testing Centre there supports Moms with HIV or Hepatitis B.

The District is building services for people on the margins. And of course, there are still gaps.  The State will not provide injectable psychotrophic drugs, which help so many psychotic clients stay on their meds and live as a productive member of community. Nor does the State provide a subsidy for HIV and Hep B positive women who need to take anti-virals each month.

That's where we want to partner. Last year, we spent all of $1,600 to provide meds for over 100 clients. If you'd like to support us for 2018, we're looking for 7 donors who will give $10/month throughout the year. Donate on Colorado Gives Day or Giving Tuesday in Canada and we can match your donation!
And how to support kids dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, suicidal thoughts and substance use issues?

In July, we received Ethics Committee (Leh District) approval for a five-year, research-to-action project that will identify children and youth with disabilities or mental health challenge,s and develop services to help them thrive to their best potential.

If you want to help us develop apps for a digital medical system, please get in touch. Or donate just $30 for a tablet-phone that allows the mom of a disabled kid to stay in touch with hospital-based specialists any day, from anywhere in Ladakh.

<![CDATA[We're back on line!]]>Thu, 26 Oct 2017 16:46:27 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/were-back-on-line
The internet was down from January to August. And so slow in September that we couldn't upload anything.

It's great to be back on line and we look forward to a winter packed full of great HELP Fund partnerships.

We'll get a newsletter in your inbox with all the excitement by Halloween!
<![CDATA[Mobility gear needed!]]>Thu, 25 May 2017 03:27:00 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/mobility-gear-needed
For all our Canadian friends - or Americans who will be visiting Canada soon!

We need your old mobility gear. 

Next winter we have 98 wonderful young people participating in an Ability Camp. Besides life skills, full medical services, support for Moms, bake-offs and art - the kids will be exploring mobile life on a fabulous NiceRink near the District Hospital.

We need kids (wide-faced) helmets, walkers, Chariots, wheely-mobilees, and, yes! - even little red wagons!

Please share with your friends as the Canadian High Commission is going to help us get all the gear from Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal to us around 1 July 2017!

Contact us for more information..... Keeping in mind that our internet in Ladakh is pretty terrible.
​Thanks from the kids!
contact cynthia
<![CDATA[More spring in Ladakh]]>Wed, 17 May 2017 01:14:20 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/more-spring-in-ladakh
We're having rain and snow and sometimes frightening weather. But that is the world's new normal. And after a storm, we are sometimes treated to the most glorious skies!

June will be busy! Research on the extent of issues faced by different learners.

And it will be time to collect the hockey and Ability gear for next winter's Ability Camp.

If you can help sorting and shipping gear from our Banff storage loft- please give us a shout!
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<![CDATA[Spring! Snow and Blossoms]]>Sun, 07 May 2017 01:37:19 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/spring-snow-and-blossoms
Spring has arrived with both endless snow squalls and apricot blossoms. Huge April snows led to flash floods later in the month. A little frightening, and people look at the daily clouds and precip with dread.

But crops are in - both Johnny's new seeds of broccoli, onions, Swiss Chard, and yummy beets - and fields of barley and potatoes.

The Johnny's hoop bender is up at the Department of Agriculture. Now just waiting for the road to open to get some EMT pipe so we start making greenhouses.

Tsering Dolkar's greenhouse has greens all winter. Pretty impressive for a design that cost less than $12. But as Tsering's arthritis gets worse, she's eagerly awaiting her Johnny's Hoops so she won't be bending over so much the rest of this year.

​Hoping for hoops!

<![CDATA[The joy of real learning]]>Sun, 02 Apr 2017 15:37:49 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/the-joy-of-real-learning
Students from three villages came together in the first annual DC Cup. Why should kids sit and memorise books in winter when they can build the skills for a happy and successful life?

This year, the DC Cup competition featured movie making skills, engineering a motorised vehicle, traditional skills building to bring money into their villages and building their first website (that will grow into a wikipedia for Ladakh!)
<![CDATA[Thank you 2017!]]>Sun, 19 Mar 2017 07:29:42 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/thank-you-2017
A little shaky - But that's just the camera person, not the kids or the fun they had at Winter Camps this year.

Thank you to all the donors - individuals, organisations and companies - who made our 12th year happen!
<![CDATA[Perran's skates and NiceLites are on their way!]]>Sat, 24 Dec 2016 19:01:21 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/perrans-skates-and-nicelites-are-on-their-way
Tobie's got Perran's skates in her hockey bag. Nolan has the NiceLites (so cool - you can't imagine!) along with solar panels, dominoes and new wheels for the sharpening machine in his. Cynthia is trying to figure out how to widdle down 112 kilos of electrical build parts, new kindles and tablets, the neatest Johnny's Seeds hoop builder, and lots of colored chalk and construction paper down to just 46 kilos.

We are so excited for another winter of Camps that truly support the whole health of Ladakhi children and youth.

Thanks to the more than 80 people who donated time, money, muscle and equipment to make it happen!
​Happy Holidays, Happy LoSar and Happy New Year(s)!
<![CDATA[Thanks for a great Colorado Gives Day!]]>Thu, 08 Dec 2016 19:44:18 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/thanks-for-a-great-colorado-gives-day Picture
I will admit I grumbled a bit. I hate asking for money. And get this: between Giving Tuesday, our Canada Helps Campaign and Colorado Gives Day, we set a goal of raising $2000.

We rasied $2,407 -
​with which all our matches - turned into $4,952!

Wow. Thanks to all of you who gave, who helped and who are making sure Tobie and Nolan can come coach for us, our Datawind Geniuses can come help, and any kid who wants to attend a Winter Camp can!

<![CDATA[Coaching Winter Camps from afar]]>Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:26:57 GMThttp://thehelp-incfund.org/the-help-blog/coaching-winter-camps-from-afar Picture
Why is Cynthia teaching Winter Camps from Colorado this year? As of today, she doesn't have an employment visa. ​ Oops.
There are many schools in USA and Canada - and a few hockey programs! - who want to do GCI exchanges.

So until we clean things up, Tobie and Nolan are going to Ladakh to support our fabulous Kargyam and Thangnak partners. Cynthia is busy making 30 videos of inquiry learning activities. And Colorado GCI schools get Cynthia for a few more months!